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Best Laptop- Dell Inspiron 3567:

hey were some guys in this video I'll be unboxing the dell inspiron 3 5 6 7 let me show you guys the beast here it is that packaging of the dell inspiron 3 5 6 7 so before unboxing let me tell you guys the price of this device actually it cost very I live around rupees 40 38 to 40 thousand which is approximately $400 and in this price point you're getting a core i3 6th generation with a 1tb hard drive and a 2.0 gigahertz CPU with four gigs of RAM so let me show you guys the my god is so huge there are some specs written over here if you guys can see yeah so it says that it has a 15 point 6 inches HD display and the specs I mentioned and Intel HD graphics and the graphic card the graphics built in of this device is 2 gigabyte yeah 2 gigabyte graphic card is built-in inside the color is black so let's open this up right now,

Best Laptop 2018

 so I have already installed in Windows 10 on my laptop nothing so here are the this is a single and be sure to throw it right away and don't eat that unless you are zombie alright so let's take a look at dogs that read oh my god the battery is really really very small in size actually I've seen this type of battery first and in my life it's really very very very small let me show you guys a comparison of this battery in my hand yep so it's very small and it's easy to carry and charging adapter so here we can see the charging adapter hmm yep it's the adapter the battery and we custom take over 70 guard and useless to the rest all over so let me show you guys the device this is a dell inspiron 3 5 6 7 laptop all right let's have a quick look at the laptop yeah here we go so before going through the theme let's just see what it gets okay yeah here the screen is 15 by 6 inches screen yep alright so I gotta take off the camera from The Stand to show you guys the laptop it's going to be a little shaky but anyways so this is the laptop you can see and there are some specs written over here let me just focus yeah HD webcam the side of the LCD display violet blue good selfridges spill resistant keyboard SD card reader and LG mi here you can see the front camera along with the primary microphone it also have any night keypad and let's power it on here we go our nice little windows stand right here so this is the size of the laptop you guys can see and it's a budget laptop and if I'm great to have let me so it's a trackpad and I'm not a point of using trackpad so instead I bought out del mouse and yep let me show you guys the specs okay so just for you go back around and cheap on yours usable and all that stuff right and do gigabytes of memory graphic card which is having yep and you can install the apps for games and stuff Windows 10 Pro pre-installed and to open the camera just right here camera and yep you can open the camera right from here so I don't think there's much to show about this laptop and this is required no way and a body stuck up for steady purpose to study and to manage tasks of the college I'm not sure what to do now yeah because this is the first and I've been doing the unboxing video of the laptop.

so I can tell you guys that you should buy it or not actually is Dell it's the sixth generation series of core i3 it means you can run heavy games also like GTA 5 and Mirror's Edge catalyst but but but but in this price point you can also get a used Core i5 for generation two fifth generation and but because this is completely new so that's why we got a job John core i3 and we also got a 1tb hard drive and I made two partitions 150g before C Drive and the rest for the D Drive so yeah then the battery time the battery timing is four and a half hours of constant usage and you should charge your laptop then it dropped down to 15% and you should plug out the charger as soon as it reaches the point of 95 percent charge so that it won't overcharge the device and maximize the battery usage you can reduce the brightness or included the pressing f12 or Esser then here I increase the brightness and the screen is 720p IPS LCD it's not super amoled or something like that let me show you guys the altar looks which will matter the most because when you will buy it need to check it through like if it words or not so let's see it's just Jan by I slammed it pretty pretty hard yeah so here at the side you got the SD card reader the the three points are limited from Jack the USB port the DVD writer which is sealed right now yeah I will have to remove the seal first seals movin and alright and we got nothing at the bottom at the left side we got the area for the exhaust via the Internet ICP collector we got the HDMI port and do extra USB ports and a charging port located right here yep and at the front we got the LEDs and nothing else let me check the DVD right angle so yeah thanks for watching and goodbye



Processor: Core i3 (6th Gen)

Processor Brand: Intel

Variant: 6100U

Clock Speed: 2.30GHz

Cache: 3M cache

Product Code: LAPDELL-INSPIROZRPL220272227C68

Series: Inspiron

Part Number: Inspiron 15-3567

Laptop Bag: No

Manufacturer Part No. : Inspiron 15-3567

Processor: Core i3

Operating System: Windows 10


HDD Capacity: 1 TB

Screen Size: 15.6 inch (39.63 cm)

Color: Black

Model Name: Inspiron 15-3567

Model ID: Inspiron 15-3567

Laptop Dead Weight: 3.2 Kg

Notebook Type: Notebook

Gaming Laptops: No
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