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Hello friends today i am telling you a best smartphone:

Nokia X6:

Best Smartphone

The Nokia x6 is here and it's the first Nokia phone with the knotch and it's also the first nokia phone that seems good enough to take on the best budget phones in India well we have the phone here so let's take a quick look at the new Nokia XS.

Hey guys this is a page from Viacom and this here is the Nokia x6 before we take a good look at the Nokia xyx I'd suggested to hit the bell icon to get notified every time we post an awesome new article also this article has been brought to you by Adobe which we all know make some great photo and video editing software that we personally use.

I'll talk more about Adobe at the end of this article so stay tuned for that now let's talk about the nokia X 6 so this here is the nokia X 6 no no not this one this one is from 2009 nostalgia this is the new nokia X 6 and yes as I said it's the first nokia phone with the knotch yes the notch that's become the norm in phones these days the notch on the X 6 is pretty small so that's nice I guess anyway apart from the notch the x6 has this Nokia budget phone wiper the rounded corners.

The solid design just give it a very Nokia look don't get me wrong this is a good looking phone I mean the glass back and the metal frame give it a very premium look in fact next to the note 5 Pro I like how the Nokia x6 looks plus as you can see the redmi note 5 pro looks like a massive phone in front of the Nokia xx I know the Nokia xyx has a smaller 5.8 inch display 

but the node 5 pro only is a slightly bigger 5.9 inch display so the smaller bezels on the x6 make it a very very handy phone I mean it's just very compact and fits in my hand perfectly yeah after using the x6 the note 5 Pro seems like a huge phone apart from that the nokia X which has the fingerprint scanner on the back the usual buttons and it has got USB C which is a huge plus when you compare it to other phones in the price range overall on the design front edge and the global seems to have got the no Kerik spot on if you are okay with the nod that is another thing that spot-on is the display the nokia X 6 comes with a 5.8 inch full HD plus IPS LCD display

 and it seems pretty good I mean as good as you get in the budget segment the colors seem spot-on and since it's a full HD plus panel it's very sharp and since it's an IPS LCD it gets adequately bright so yes the display on the nokia X X seems good enough now let's talk about the cameras on this thing the x6 packs in a 16 megapixel F 2.0 plus 5 megapixel f2 point - camera setup with dual LED flash and support for 4k video recorder something the let me know type relax oh that is nice well we have taken a few usual photos and put it more photos with the phone

I know the photos look pretty average and the portrait mode too is okay look I'm definitely not impressed with the cameras on the nokia X 6 so far but this is the Chinese waiting to the phone with the China ROM so will deserve a judgement for the full review when the nokia x6 has the global draw so stay tuned for that moving on to the front the x6 comes with a 16 megapixel F 2.0 camera and it also packs in the portrait mode here are some selfies we took from the x6 yeah the photos are nothing impressive with the overexposed background and everything but like I said we'll give our final verdict on the camera in a full review ok that's enough about the cameras

let's talk about the hardware on this thing the Nokia x6 comes the Snapdragon 636 processor with 4 or 6 gigs of RAM we have the 4gb ram variant of the phone and well the phone seems to run fine I mean we will be testing out the phone extensively but as of now I have had no major problems with the x6 and that's also because of stock Android I mean most stock Android budget phones perform decently well so I'm expecting the same with the Nokia x6 we have Android 8.1 audio here and while it is stock there are a few additional features there are gestures which I think are limited to the China on that we have yet anyway the gestures here are a bit different you can swipe up from the center to go home swipe up from the left bottom to go back and swipe from the right bottom to open the recent screen.

It's different from the gesture implementation on me while Android pure oxygen OS but I can see myself getting used to it and I hope they keep it in the global weight into the phone apart from the gestures there's face unlock which seems to work fine I mean it's not insanely fast but everyone wants pace and lock these days so it's a good addition so it all seems pretty decent plus I'm pretty sure in India this phone will come with Android 1 which means regular security patches and promises Android updates which is great on the battery front the nokia X 6 comes with 3060 MH battery and

 while we haven't tested out the battery yet let's hope it's the phone supports quick charging three-point also the phone should charge pretty quickly when - something's up I have a good feeling about the Nokia x6 in China the fools prices start around 1300 yuan which is approximately 14,000 rupees which means it goes head-to-head against some of the best budget phones out there like the let me notify pro and the zenfone max Pro was 6 GB variant is coming by the way so how does the x6 compete well from the looks of it the x6 does bring in some important positives like the compact and premium design with USB C and a really good display plus it's got stock Android and will probably be an Android one phone in India so yes things look good for the new Nokia budget phone.

yes I'm a little sceptical about the camera which so far seems pretty average but hey we'll be putting the x6 to test against the competition when the phone arrives global so we should find out if the Nokia x6 is a great budget phone or just another phone from Nokia and yeah I feel wondering the Nokia x6 is definitely coming to India because the phones India support page went live recently so yes stay tuned for our nokia X 6 review .

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So guys this is best smartphone of the world..

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