Fifa world cup final 2018

Fifa world cup final 2018
Fifa world cup final 2018


What really happened in the final?

When a team that won the decisive bounce reached each other in the scrum. Goalkeeper Hugo Lauris played the entire length of the pitch to join the celebration. All the options were throwing themselves in the heap of arms and feet. There were also members of the backroom emplo

yes, who considered them involved, and who could convict them? France were on the way to winning the World Cup and one goal was behind the goal where the tricolor was rebuking.Those were the moments when everyone knew that there was no favor - with Croatia's flexibility and the powers of durability, not even one - there will be a way back. Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbapeque had scored in early succession, and in the next version of France's national shirt, there would be two stars instead of one on the cockerel. Didier Deschamp has become only the third person in history to win World Cup as a player and manager standing in front of two veterans of the game in Mago Zaglo and Franz Bacanubour. The first teenager to score in the final since Pelé in 1958 is a world champion in 1958, and after the final seat there was an enthusiastic scene because the players had competed with Deschamps, because the rain turned into a bible and trophy Was raised between the background of roaring and slate skies.

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Lawrence's mistake allowed Mario Mandzukic to pull back once for Croatia, it does not matter at the end and France is a worthy champion in keeping with its assurance performance in the tournament. Any team that scores four times in the final is entitled to feel that he has won in style and no longer waiting for a trophy presentation, that the only person with a shelter from the rain was Vladimir Putin. Kudos for arc in the suit, which suddenly appeared with the umbrella to keep the president dry, while Giani Infantinos and all other mixed FIFA dignitaries started to soak

This was the highest scoring finals since 1966 and it was with drama and incident, obviously there was at least one half pitch attack from members of the cat riot, and keeping in mind the second goal of France There was also a lot of controversy, the fines created by Antony Gryzman came from the frontline VAR decision that will always polarize the opinion.

Even before that point, it was not difficult to sympathize with Croatia because they had to face a severe setback of their target from Mandjukic. Croatia manager, Zlato Delic had promised us that, if necessary, his team would lose with dignity and at least his players did not come out of that line in the trying circumstances. However, they will leave Russia, however, feeling that the important moments of fate went against them in telling moments, just below the small details Marcelo Brosovitch allegedly caused a disturbance over the Grizman for free-kick, which caused Mandal's own goal to appear: a generous decision to say the least.

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It was the 53rd goal in the history of the World Cup, which was going back to Mexican player Manuel Rosas, doing so in 1930 against Chile. However, nobody had ever done it in the last and possibly the rosary before, Indjukuk did not suffer the uncertainty about the public announcer to ensure that everyone knew who had a decisive touch. Mandjukik's attempt to help in defense was very wrong. The ball had snatched his head from Grisman's free-kick and France had advanced ahead of any of its players before trying to score.

So far, we should know much about Croatia, that the power of their reaction should not be surprised, after 10 minutes, concluding with a beautifully taken equalizer from Ivan Parisic, using that precious left leg, a weak penalty A less, diagonal shot area through the medium.

Paul Pogba celebrates after the score of his third goal.


Paul Pogba celebrates after the score of his third goal. Photograph: Martin Messner / AP

All this was an unexpected impact as there were only four semi-finals in the last seven finals. Yet it was quickly evident that a thrilling tournament was not going down a cage, worldly finals and only the compassion, perhaps, it went back to the first half event, which led to the fans of Croatia to take the lead in noise when Match officials collected their medals

This was certainly not a direct decision for the Argentina Referee, Nestor Pittana, and the story of the time involved in analyzing the copy was told about his story. After all, a handball decision was made against Perici because it could be argued that his arm was clinging to an unnatural angle because he had gone behind Blaze Mataidi to protect the corner.

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