Healthy Foods

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Healthy Food
Healthy foods

Boost energy levels and treat your body to the nutrition it deserves with these five super foods number one almonds almonds are rich in protein vitamin E magnesium fiber and many key amino acids which are beneficial for the body they are frequently used as a healthy solution for relief from constipation respiratory disorders coughs heart disorders anemia impotency and diabetes  number two eggs a single large egg is just about 70 calories and offers six grams of protein filled with protein iron and vitamin b7 they can improve hair growth and even prevent anemia eggs are also a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for normal body function.

Heart health number three broccoli, broccoli is packed with vitamins minerals disease-fighting compounds and the fiber essential in any diet it has ability to prevent many types of cancer improve digestion lower blood pressure lower cholesterol detoxify the body protect the skin prevent birth defects eliminate inflammation and improve vision number four bananas bananas are rich in nutrients the vitamins fiber and all natural sugars nutritionists say that eating two bananas per day in just months your health would be significantly improved number five salmon salmon is an oily fish that is high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids salmon can help prevent numerous diseases like depression heart disease prostate cancer and can resolve many other health conditions if you liked the video give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends for more recipes and tips subscribe to the website

Bones may be sturdy enough to transport us all day every day, but they are vulnerable to losing their strength if neglected. In today’s video, we’ll take a closer look at 12 foods that can strength your bones and put that spring back into a man’s step.

  1. Eggs Scrambled or boiled, eggs can provide you with a bountiful supply of Vitamin D. This vitamin plays a key role in how well a man can sustain a normal level of testosterone in his blood. It’s recommend that you eat one egg per day, but those who have trouble with cholesterol should skip the yoke.
  2. Garlic With its powerful anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties, this anti-aging superfood can help you fight off illness and infections. Just add it to any of your favorite foods for a flavor boost.
  3. Honey Instead of reaching for sugar, choose a small spoonful of honey as a substitute. Add it to your tea, oatmeal or pancakes. Honey’s antioxidants can strengthen your immune system and help you win the battle when infections strike.
  4. Watermelon A juicy watermelon is a great summer treat, but it can also improve blood circulation and your entire circulatory system. Eat it as a snack, add to salad or whip up a sorbet.
  5. Cauliflower Adding a small amount of cauliflower to your daily diet can reduce estrogen while boosting testosterone.
  6. Grapes By eating a handful of grapes a day, a man’s testosterone levels will rise, and sperm activity will also increase. Additionally, the nutrients in grapes can slow down the aging process.
  7. Oysters Oysters are little vaults stuffed full of vitamins and minerals that enhance your heart’s health and boost your immune system. Just sprinkle a little lemon juice and salt to preserve their nutrients.
  8. Meat Too much meat isn’t beneficial for your health, but it does play a significant role in increasing testosterone levels. Just be sure to eat meat that’s organic and has come from a grass-fed source.
  9. Beans Beans can be added to most any side dishes, soups or salads. These heart-healthy foods also help men maintain normal testosterone levels
  10. Tuna Vitamin D-rich tuna is good for your heart, but just remember to buy tuna that has not been exposed to mercury.
  11. Pomegranates: Pomegranate juice is an excellent source of potent antioxidants, which can tackle free radicals before they can disrupt circulatory functions. Also, the International Journal of Impotence Research states that nearly 50% impotent men noticed their condition improved after drinking only one glass of pomegranate juice.
  12. Cabbage Men who eat cabbage ingest the chemical - indole-3-carbinol or IC3, which eliminates female hormones. A Rockefeller University study noted that men who consumed 500mg daily for 7 days saw their estrogen levels cut in half.
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