How to earn money from home

How to earn money from home:

How to earn Money from home

I'm going to show you nine side jobs to make extra money from home  :

these are things that you can get paid to do online without actually having to be a full-time employee in many cases so they can be freelance they can be your own little side business some of them will take even part-time employees and they allow you to make some extra money from home they may not be full-time careers in most cases but some of them can be so I'll show you different places you can go you can go different types of opportunities you can do that we'll cover a wide range of different skill sets so that there's got to be something here that really relates to what you're good at so the first side job I want to recommend is just doing stuff for Amazon.

 Amazon has this thing called the Amazon Mechanical Turk and what it does is it allows you to work from home as basically a freelancer and make some extra money by just working on small interesting tasks so if you want to do what they call human intelligence tasks make money just by helping out their website looking at different things a few examples on here you can look at their current jobs available right now you need to input specific values displayed in the image transcribe some stuff find phone numbers and email addresses collect printing data for a website things like that just very easy they even have some tranch translation stuff very easy things that you can just check out and try and just do in your spare time so you don't need a lot of you know big experience and things to do stuff like that they have user qualifications what jobs are available they have over six hundred nine thousand as with me making this video and you can manage your account all in one place on intercom and you're just doing extra stuff for Amazon and helping them out with different things that help their business

 You can do TaskRabbit and TaskRabbit is more of a local startup to earn money at home:

 it's an online business it's an online website of course but it allows you to find work and extra things that you can do at your neighborhood or around the area that you live in so task grab it if you want to if you want to be a handyman or handy woman fix some pipes for somebody or do some roof repairs for somebody things like that cleans and stuff maybe run a few errands build some furniture move some stuff around those types of things these just chores in just everyday life type stuff errands those are the types of things you can do on TaskRabbit make money online and you may even be able to do a few things online for people like you know list an ad for somebody there it really can be just about anything so some of its online some of them some things might be offline and they really can just cover just about anything but you're helping your neighborhood out.

   You can do some writing to earn money from home:

there's a lot of different ways to make money writing it's not something you have to do full-time it's very flexible and you can do a lot without even being an employee of a specific company so if you want to do freelance writing for instance you might start out on fiber fiber offers five and ten and fifteen dollar gigs you just post a gig people order through Fiverr people pay you through Fiverr you get your money in a PayPal account then you can deposit it or use so it's very easy to get paid sorry easy to get clients there's a lot of traffic on this website so there's a lot of potential this is mostly lower in items that you would offer so you might translate some stuff for people or you might write a short blog post for say 300 words would be a typical blog post for say five dollars and you can scale it all the way up to a few hundred dollars per gig or per freelance writing offer so it can be scaled up quite a bit

 if you want to take it to the next level I would recommend up work for freelancing you just go up here and become a freelancer in the top right corner click that button sign up fill out your profile and you can start applying for different jobs that become available from entrepreneurs companies and etc but writing is one of the main categories as you can see down here blog writers content writers copywriters depending on what kind of writing you might do you might get paid you know thirty forty dollars an hour or more depending on your clients but these are going to be hiring clients on up work,

then on Fiverr and your competition might be a little more skilled but if you do a good job you get good reviews and you have experience then you can make a name for yourself and you can get quite a bit of work and your spare time just using up work if you want to just do some blogging for people and get paid for each post just by the post fifty dollars or more this is a place here called make a living writing calm and you can find ninety two websites that pay writers 50 plus dollars per post so
 you can write a short you can write a blog post at 850 bucks or more and this is a list of all different sites that offer this kind of stuff and this was always being improved its always being updated year after year so these are all current so I'll have a link to that page for you but..... 

another place if you want to do blogging and do your writing that way you can post jobs on problogger or you can find jobs in pro blogger there's a lot of contract jobs there's freelance jobs there's even a few full-time positions as writers for different industries depending on what you know a lot about you might apply for different ones and a lot of these are completely online it doesn't even matter where you're located so you'll see some that are remote or that say anywhere most of these are not location-based so you can work completely from home and before you can do some transcriptions so transcriptions are basically when you take an audio whether it's a podcast or music or a video or something like that and then you turn it into text so if you're a fast typer if you're good at listening and making out words whether there's an accent or not or whether it's sometimes unclear then....

 transcribe me might be a great way to make some extra money just doing some transcriptions you can also do these services on up work Fiverr other places like that even the Amazon Mechanical Turk needs some transcriptions every once in a while but if you want to just specialize in doing that and just turning different audio files into words just very easily then you can make money which you can scribe me another thing you can do is testing and use your feedback so if you have some extra time one of the coolest and most interesting ways I think to make extra money is to do some testing for new apps new prototypes of products new websites you may even get to see a few things before they become available to the public.

You can try them out you give your feedback iq test them out you do pretty much everything possible with the app or the software to make sure that you can help the business work out all the kinks and all the errors as much as possible before launching and it's just a great way to make some extra money online user testing comm is one of the best places to get started here they're one of the biggest in the industry you can just click here that says get paid to test and get started there or there's other ones as well there's ten others that you might consider like enroll you have start up with testing time try MIUI different ones that that specialize in different things but I definitely would recommend that you try some of those out if you want to just make some extra money and you want to try out some new products and websites and stuff that you may be interested. 

  You can do some graphic design to earn money from home :

so if you're fairly artistic there's a lot of different ways that you can make money from that now you might start an Etsy store you might sell some stuff on eBay but it may be better if you design logos design book covers you can do that on Fiverr graphics and design one of the top categories typically people will sell things like loadout logo designs ebook covers and things like that as far as graphic design goes on here or they might make an infographic for you up work would be a little more high-end of course you can do some graphic design there and you know here's a few examples graphic designers motion graphics experts you might even get into some animations and things like that with up work because they have hiring clients or if you want to work with a specific company that allows you to compete and make money as just a graphic designer and where all the traffic to the website is people looking for graphic design needs like labels for products like t-shirt designs like logos and things like that even vehicle wraps like you can see they're 99designs might be the place to go now they're one of the most high-end most well known graphic design online companies where people compete when an order is made for a certain type of design so if I as an entrepreneur wanted to go order something maybe for a product label.

I would go to 99 designs I'd pay a few hundred dollars and you as a graphic designer and some others would compete to give me the best design whoever's design I pick gets paid a lot and you can kind of get all kinds of interesting new projects in your spare time with this company to get started with 99 designs you can just go to the bottom of their homepage at 99 designs comm and click become a designer down here right above affiliates also another competitor of theirs design crowd which is kind of an in-between cost it's a little bit cheaper I think than 99 designs but it's same basic concept you compete with other graphic designers to get the design so if you're into graphic design those are a couple websites you might check out number seven you can be a mock jurors so you can help different lawyers prosecutors help them kind of practice and help with different scenarios that could potentially happen with trials that are online that aren't real of course you're not actually a part of a murder case or anything.

but it allows a very high pressure position as a lawyer or a prosecutor to get some practice and you kind of do practice trials and things like that one of them is a jury calm not the most impressive looking site in the world but it's very straightforward and they very much just focus on getting things done and practicing for attorneys and helping have pretend jurors so you can basically help with online trials and get paid to do this in your spare time a few other sites like this our jury talk online verdict resolution risk research a jury specifically you'll get about five to ten dollars per case and those are just a few other options that you have all the link to this page for you if you want more info on it but it's kind of an interesting thing to do number eight you can do search engine evaluation so I like this one because it allows you to kind of help search engines and search engines make a lot of money and they get a lot of traffic.

More ideas to earn money from home:

 so it's very interesting to see how they work and you get to see a little bit about that through sites like leap fourth and lion bridge which is a smart crowd calm and these allow you to basically help search engines like Google of course search engines also include Yahoo Bing those are the three main ones right now and they allow you to help make the search engines better help results be better and kind of get a perspective from a real person instead of just relying on algorithms and errors and things like that that machine's come up with as kind of a case study on how this works I'll have a link to this page for you called how to get paid twelve dollars an hour as a search engine evaluator this guy on the penny hoarder calm makes a lot of money from just random stuff that you would never think of and he talks about how you make money helping search engines so you get to work from home you can work when you like of course that's kind of the whole point of this video and you basically help search engines you have to track your own hours you have to keep up with your taxes and stuff but that pretty much applies to just about any job and it's really not something where you're a full-time employee you're just kind of freelance helping them so you have a pin Butler.

he'll wait force and lion bridges the main ones that provide this but search engines I think are very interesting number nine last but not least you can become a part-time virtual assistant so if you want to find virtual assistant jobs instead of being a full-time virtual assistant you can just do it by the job and you can go to virtual assistants comm to find a virtual assistant job board and this can allow you to find different things that need to be done online that can help with accounting billing social media promotion doing different things typically it's like entrepreneurs that need things done that they don't have time to do and virtual assistants can handle pretty much all those tasks they usually give instructions to you and it allows you to just follow step by step what you need to do and help them save time and make total money doing it another one if you want to join more of like a firm that does virtual assistant work.

Do multiple task to earn money from home:

 you can try tasks bullet or some other ones that are maybe more local to you but virtual assistant services are offered around the world and you can get clients around the world and basically you're just following instructions of your client and doing simple tasks for them so if you got something from this video so if you feel like you learned about some interesting ways to get a side job without actually having to be a full-time employee and make some extra money for yourself or for your families and please like and subscribe so and create more videos like this for you if there are some other side jobs that are kind of like this where you're you're somewhere between a freelancer and a you know part-time employee that you can get paid to do without a lot of experience please let me know for the people watching this video so that they can see the other options they have and if there's something you want to let me know about in the video you want let me know what you thought about the video let me know in the comments I'd love to hear from you and I'm always looking to improve these videos make them better so let me know and all the resources links show notes and related content to this video will be in 1 page at self-made success.

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