How to write Great essay

How to write Great essay :

Hello guys , today i am telling you , how to write Great Essay for,IBPO,IAS,CGL,SSC Mains Exams:

How to write great eassy
How to write great eassy

Hello everyone and welcome to talisman I am sorry in this article we will give you four tips that will help you to write a great essay in a lot of competitive exams today like the SBI PU milligram the SSB CGL mean exam and the RBI great bureaucracy exam you are expected to write an essay a descriptive paper where usually the essay has to be about 250 to 350 words during your preparation for these exams since most of you focus only on MCQs it becomes a little difficult for you to master the skill of writing the essay in about one or two months so we are going to give you four tricks that will help you to improve the quality of your essay and score well in the essay writing section trick number one express your opinion and take a stand now one of the reasons why the descriptive paper is there in the exam in these exams is not just to test your writing skills but also should see what your opinion is on certain issues so if you have an opinion do not hesitate to take a stand these three and analyze the topic and express your speculations if any you could use phrases like I agree I disagree in my opinion it can also be said that this is not always the case phrases like this will help you to express your opinion and take a stand tip number two connect and correlate now most of the topics in these competitive exams for essay writing are about current affairs social issues think that affect our day to day life and the country as an economy and as a society while you are preparing for these exams you already studied current affairs it would be a good idea to - - here use your knowledge of current affairs to make the content of your essay richer.

For example if you are talking about the monetization don't just talk about its impact on the common people and the society but talk about how it affected the economy how it affected the banking sector if the stock market saw us jump in a certain way or if you are talking about the suicide of the farmers talk about the policies of various banks what are the different interest rates that they are rolling out for farmers is there any policy to which they are telling them not to repay back their loan this would be a good platform for you to also tell what you know about these topics because this will make the content of your essay richer tip number three transition the golden rule of three there is a rule of the three in written English which states that things when they are written in terms of three they become funnier they are remembered more by the audience and also they have a greater impact on the reader pick up any famous speech in history or pick up a famous tagline they came they saw they conquered vini vidi wimpy or even the tagline to the elections in India for the people of the people by the people all these three follows the golden rule of three so it would be a good idea that when you are writing your essay you follow this rule -

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Now you must follow this rule in two ways first remember anything that you write should have a clear introduction body and a conclusion to remember introduction body and conclusion now in your body when you're experimenting different points in support or against or your giving information on a certain topic it would be it is advisable to use phrases like firstly secondly last but not the least lastly moving on to the second point moving on to the third point when you do things like this transition becomes very evident and there is a sort of logical connect in your ethics tip number four revise and proofread though this may sound like the oldest tip in the book to you something we have all heard from our school teachers from childhood it is very important that you revise read and proofread what you have written remember to read aloud in your mind what you have written because often what we say and what we write do not match and that will help you to catch errors in your essay also be very careful of your spelling and punctuation errors remember to write an active voice because then when you write an active voice you have the greater connect with the reader and last but not the least remember to use transitional words and phrases because they again help you put a logical sequence in your essay now we hope that you will follow these four tips and write a great essay.
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