India vs. England

India vs. England :

India vs. England
India vs. England

India vs. England 3rd ODI 2018 series final Result:
INDIA - 256/8             -          (50 OVERS)
ENGLAND - 260/2     -            (44.3 OVERS)

So guys from the above data we can see that England beat india by 8 wickets today

ladies and gentlemen welcome to the presentation ceremony for the role under and one day international series between England and India match three one here by England by 8 wickets at emerald Headingley to wrap up the raw London ODI series by 2 games to 1 and to finish their white ball season in style as ever we introduced our presentation party for you mark after CEO of Yorkshire cricket is about lankton CEO intermediary of raw London and to conduct our interviews from Sky Sports each Akua before we come to our players our match officials we asked to step forward and they will receive raw London medals for their efforts throughout the three matches in the series and we start with our ICC match referee David Boone Michael Gough Bruce oxenfurt brooch era Holly Ikaruga and Tim Robinson our next presentation is tonight's raw London player of the match for this third row.

 London ODI or receive a Roland medal this was chosen by the Sky Sports presenters and several outstanding efforts throughout the day on the England team David Willie with 3 4 40 Owen Morgan with 88 at Accenture and his home ground from Joe root but for tying up a top class order of India batting at a crucial time with 3 for 49 tonight's row London player of the match Adil Rashid congratulations I do three wickets for you how nice is it to contribute in a match deciding with is nice.
 I thought you know all the seam is ball exception well I found me ammo in there you know we kept it tight and we got reward yeah you know this ground pretty well we spoke a little bit at the halfway stage but but what was key to bowling on this wicket I think it's the the plans in render seams keeping it you know stricken to your strength as well as seamers did and then more in there ball exceptionally well as well so

 you know we stuck to our strands well your sutures focusing on the limited overs format at the moment how does that help you when it comes to your rhythm obviously you know you go in the Nets you work hard you put you play you know side games or whatever and you know get confidence from there and how much confidence does it give you when you remove the Indian captain as you did today obviously it gives you no confidence knowing that you know it's one of the best players in the world and but you know I'll probably exceptionally well as a team so hopefully in Khaitan enjoy playing a higher bed early yes nice obviously you get a big big crowd as well so you know it's always nice playing your home ground congratulations once again no problem thank you just we now move on to the raw London player of the serious presentation this chosen by the written press and the winner receives a magnum of Verve keiko champagne and the raw London medal when asked for their comments they reported this entertaining series witnessed one of the outstanding one-day international performances when Indian left arm spinner called EPA dev took a stunning 6-4 25 at Trent Bridge a match that also featured an excellent unbeaten hundred from Rohit Sharma.

Virat Kohli speech:

England's a deal receive repeatedly start with the ball part for his 113 not out at Lord's that changed the course to this three-match series and of course a brilliant century on his home emerald Headingley ground that still the 2-1 series victory the raw London player of the series is England's Joe roots the home crowd seems to be enjoying it Joe and a massive turnaround for you after at t20 decider where you were left out of the side that's back hundreds and you joined for you here what does it mean and how good does it feel to contribute like you did because it feels fantastic you know come into a big series like this and for us to perform how we have a decided it's great it's testament to the hard work that guys do and I thought throughout the whole of today that set the tone early with the ball and then was backed up brilliant in in the middle overs kept taking wickets and then we were Rufus at the end there's it's great to to bury morgues very calm and collected and yeah lovely what was spoken about in the middle which I mean you obviously love batting together out there obviously bless scoreboard pressure for you when it came to the chase but how did you find the pitch yeah I mean it was on the slow side but it was pretty good wicket and you felt like it you could hit through the ball and it was just about getting a partnership together as you say there wasn't that scoreboard pressure thanks to the hard work the bowlers did in the first half and it was just about making sure that we built that partnership and kept driving that home and making as big as possible and thankfully we managed to do that today he's woken about the fact that you feel in good Nick in the nets how hard is that to translate to the middle under a pressure situation I think it's just about trust in it and

you know you're doing the right things to make sure you prepare well and you feel as good as possible going out there but ultimately it's just about know put in real faith in your game and back in your irritability so it's been nice to sort of turn that round and feel like a well contribute in these last two games so hopefully start going into the tester reason kinky calm now seem to enjoy playing here a Headingley obviously or the local but but what is it about the team that enjoy playing at this ground not sure to be honest them you know we've obviously done pretty well here in the last couple of years but you know I think the best thing about today was going in knowing it was a must-win game and the pressure of that and being able to stand up to that and deliver so really pleased for the for the guys we play some really strong cricket and hopefully we can keep keep moving forward I'll see timely runs for you ahead of the tester is you looking forward to the challenge yeah absolutely he's going to be a great series you know India played some fantastic test curricular the last couple of years are very strong in that format and we're gonna have to play really well and I felt like we've you know we did some really good things at this ground in that last Test match against Pakistan and hopefully we can replicate that and keep moving forward keep learning as a team and drive that home throughout the rest of summer all the best of that cheers thank you and now before the medal is presented to the England sight please welcome forward for a few words with Easter about the team's experience 

during this serious India's Vera Kohli good luck how many more ones do you think you needed to compete today well I thought we were never on the market as far as the runs on the board was concerned I thought we were twenty-five thirty two less and England were really clinical with the ball and with the bat as well and in the field so this early deserve to win today we're just not good enough and against the side like England you need to be had your best every game that you play and they've come back in the series and won two in a row so credit goes to them the pitch surprise you at all yeah I mean it was slow I mean we didn't think it was damp or anything but it just plays flow throughout the day which was really surprising initially with the new ball it was a little too paced but 

the spinners it became really slow again which was quite surprising we haven't seen pitches like that here before so yeah they suffocated us through the middle overs really well and those two spinners again joining hands in bowling 20 overs together really bold well in a partnership and that's what you need as a side you need bowlers to step up involved in partnerships none of them got greedy they just you know kept containing the runs and got the results eventually spoke to the head of this series about chopping and changing and just wanting to use you bench in all of the games were you guilty today or perhaps changing it too much when it came to the team but but also the batting order no not the batting order at all you know we thought Dinesh was actually going well he had a good start but he couldn't get going with the bowling we thought you know Bowie felt he was okay and the experience to come back into the game Charcot is done well in the last game that he played.

so we just wanted to give them a little bit of exposure here so yeah there was just a tactical decision from from that point of view and it just didn't come off so when it doesn't come off the changes look you know unnecessary when they come off they look like good changes so that's how the game goes I think we're gonna take this in a stride and improve on the things that we need to as I where do you think you are ahead of the World Cup here next year and what you make of the team what more questions need to be asked you say well quite a few I mean that's what every side is looking for you know they're looking for the best balance.

They can have possibly and all these sort of series and these sort of losses will tell us exactly what we need to work on and the things we need to rectify come world-cup time we've got 16 games after this or 15 we gotta get our act right and get the balance of the side really powerful and strong and make sure that we're not over aligned on one skill you know three skills have to come along together and have consistent performances and that's what we're striving for as a team and as I said these kind of losses in these kind of series will tell us exactly what we need to rectify the test series coming up five match test series looking forward to that I'm sure everyone's excited about it have you got some hard decisions to make about your squad not really I mean that squad is pretty settled we're really excited to be going into a lengthy test series it's going to be a very challenging but something that we're looking forward to as a side you know we want to play hard cricket here we want to play tough trade which I'm sure the English team will provide us and you know it's going to be a hard-fought series 

between two quality sides and we're definitely looking forward to the challenge and of course you're in done by an absolute beauty today from idea Russia not many times that you've been out to an exponent is well then one day international what was it about that ball that deceived you but it was a quality ball I mean I've been playing against him since under-19 and he used to turn the ball even more than what he does now so I'm surprised the turn has gotten a little less up now but as a quality bowler is bowling really well and it's just one of the deliveries there you go to take in your stride and say wow I mean I was stand by that all the best in this half series throughout Thank You times thank you there are all London medallions for the winning squad so we now like to call out the England side in batting order to receive those medallions starting with James Vince Johnny vest Oh Joe root just Butler Ben Stokes mowing alley David Willy liam Plunkett's adil Rasheed's mark works Jason Roy and then finally for a few words before he lifts the trophy captain Owen Morgan congratulations Owen seems you've broken that spell then your part over you in bilateral series how good was that performance today yeah I think outstanding I think the tone was set with the bowlers early on Dave William Mark would wear on the money.

there was a little bit offer probably for about three or four overs it's falling around and but apart from that they get the lines on the lens really really well and almost set the tone for the innings and from that point there was no letter we managed to get little partnerships going at at different stages and obviously really good chances taken when opportunities arise and we know the condition to really well so we managed to take advantage of that I was going to say did the pitch play as you is expected it to and the bowling first just allow you to assess the conditions a bit more yeah I think it did I didn't think it was going to be a belter but it normally stands up a little bit here it's still a really good wicket to Pat on but probably a 300 320 ground we've proved out in the past when we played against other teams but I thought Aspen is today we're brilliant and obviously the chase settled for the two openers and myself and Joel managed the icon every decision you made today as well as seemed to come off pretty well how satisfying is that as a captain it's extremely satisfying but it's it the guys to my right that make my decisions look good Matt Lords I thought you know winning the toss and batting it only looks good if we play well like any other captain around the country or around the world you're only as good as your team and the guys to my right were absolutely brilliant.

 today I thought we got better as the series got on temperature we were off the mark and India punished us and from there we've learned and grown I suppose as much as we can and part of that I guess is learning how to deal with Cody piada absolutely care presented a completely different challenge for us particularly in the Tremp Ridge game for the guys facing for the first time and it's satisfying that we learned went through the process of looking at our plans getting clarification and then executing what we said we do so that builds confidence within the team so very proud just lovely what you feel you're out ahead of the World Cup next year and the toys are still a long way to go with two important or as a broad Sri Lanka West Indies and then Pakistan at home in the lead in so hopefully now we need to be at our best in order to make any adjustments going into the World Cup or curb any I suppose part of our game that needs us was improving before the World Cup but we can only put ourselves in that position congratulations once again you can go and enjoy yourself with your teammates Oh well congratulations to our Morgan and his team before we made a good point about the World Cup with a lot of talk about that but it is a year away mean a Leonardo Russia were just exit stage right or left as we're looking at it as the champagne flows so they probably deserve a celebrations.

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