Latest Technological Car

Latest Technological car

Latest Technological Car(Three Wheeler Gearless Activa Car):

Generally no reverse mechanism is available in four stroke active engines. Our project is based on the reverse mechanism. In this project, we have developed a systematic reverse system using the dynamic self-motor, Bendix drive and its towel flywheel in the Greenless Active Engine.
Latest Technological car
Latest Technological car

The entire system installed on the clutch system and power is made from 12V and 35 amp battery.

India is the second largest producer of two-wheeler in the world. In the last few years, Indian bilateral industry has seen spectacular growth. In terms of production and sale, the country is next to China and Japan. Most Indians, especially young cars, prefer motorbikes instead. Capturing a large part in two-wheeler industry, bike and scooter covers a major segment. Bike is considered to be a favorite among the younger generation because they easily assist in the commutation. There are a wide range of two wheelers available in the market, many of them claim the latest technology and increased mileage. Indian bikes, scooters and mopeds represent style and class for both men and women in India.

In our country, there are thousands of physically challenged people who use similar old vehicles for disabled people. Generally, a disabled vehicle does not have a reverse gear. We want to overcome these difficulties of people with disabilities by implementing our project presented in this project, whose main objective is to help physically challenged persons to withdraw their vehicle without the help of others. There are three shafts with a key bite and four spier gear. The driver shaft consists of compound gear arrangement. Gear 1 and Gear are the main gear, the Gear 3 Idler gear is for transmitting power from Gear 2 to Gear 4 for further speed and Gear 4 is a powered gear mounted with powered shaft.

There is a spocket in the driven shaft which is connected to a chain arrangement which allows the rear chakra to rotate. The liver is used in the gear setup to proceed in the gear and reverse speed is used to rotate three shafts while supporting the plate. Transfer of gear arrangement is provided to switch the gear forward and backward. When the gear is moved from right to left, then this vehicle moves forward. When the gear is transferred from left to right, it takes the vehicle in the opposite direction. It is usually based on the disturbance of Gears.

The reverse has the following assemblies:

I Battery (12V, 35MP)

ii. Wiring system

iii. Bendix drive

iv. Relay, switch

V. Self Kinetic DC Motor

vi. Tooth flywheel

vii. Wing

viii. nut bolt

W Obtrusive lapel

Vehicle Specification:


I Type air cooled, 4 stroke, SI engine

ii. Displacement 109.19 cc

iii. Maximum net power 5.84 kW (8bhp) @ 7500 rpm

iv. Maximum net torque 8.74 nm @ 5500 rpm

V. Bore 50 mm

vi. Stroke 55.6 mm

vii. Compression ratio 9.5: 1

viii. Air filter type sticky paper filter

W Early method kick / self


I Type V-Matic

ii. Maximum speed is 83 km per hour

Frames and suspensions:

I Frame type below the bone

ii. Front spring load hydraulic type

iii. Rear spring hydraulic type loaded

I Battery 12 V 3 AH (MF)

ii. Head lamp 12V 35 / 35W

Application oF this latest Technological Car:

I It can be used to reverse any two or four stroke engines.

ii. It is specially designed for the back speed of the three wheeler gearless active car.

iii. This mechanism can also be used in two wheels because it is an external system.

iv. This mechanism can also be used to set up the dynamo on the rear wheel and to generate electricity through the engine using the vehicle during further movement.

Camber angle is an angle made of wheels of a vehicle; Specifically, this is the angle between the vertical axis of the wheels used for steering and the vertical axis of the vehicle when seen from the front or behind. It is used in the design of steering and suspension

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