Movies 2018

Movies 2018: Hello guys , welcome to my post again...

today we were talking about latest bollywood movie 2018  MULK which is release on 3rd August 2018 at indian cinema's and its trailer has been out..

Movies 2018
Movies 2018
Hello guys , welcome to my post again...
today we were talking about latest bollywood movie 2018  MULK which is release on 3rd August 2018 at indian cinema's and its trailer has been out..
Breaking news: A terrorist attack on a bus. The police are with your family. They want to talk to you. - What's come over you, Shahid? - Come home. I can't come now, mother. I'm fighting for our religion. God be with you. We're arresting him. He'll be in court in 2 hours. - Who are you? - His lawyer. The accused Bilal and his family prepared Shahid for martyrdom since childhood. They introduced him to terrorists. His whole family is behind this act of terrorism. Objection, my Lord, The charges haven't been proven. This is my house. What do I say to myself? That I am a traitor? We'll fight the case. It's about killing innocents in the name of religion. Then they say all Muslims are not like this. So who'll tell us the good from the bad? "Pakistani" is written on your house. Of course they'll write that... ...if we still celebrate Pakistan's cricket victories. They have large families... ...that's why they can send a child or two on the path of Jihad. Yes or no? Please save my brother. How does one prove love?

hello people on Jabbok away joined by a shark Kirk we're going to look at the trailer for multi stars rishi kapoor's tapsee pannu Neena Gupta Rajat Kapoor my nose Pawa kelud Mishra oh shoot oh Sh Rana crotchy shop on dia bar tikka Singh assured Jane and internal Sengupta as directed by Otto Bob Sinha music is why pursue a sh t and Anurag site you were like doing so well just like powering through and then at the end psych say I'm sure it's not that hard I'm just making you harder everyone is asking us to react to this trailer and we were waiting on subtitles thank you to russian middle car for making the subtitles here we go what is family name but you go shahadat Calista yeah OCR think about using my income every body is quasi sashka they can kill her - Deva Pakistani Michaela Pakistani Lacanian out of a Pakistan get cheaper but you do it so much Cooper you are Katie see you are the status report  yes how did Kazuki after cooking Tom Sabbath comb it up y'all really mucky I love my best  body like aluminum with me aha Oleg is Nadia EML a beauty guru datta ki aapke or rather half marry daddy or Osama bin Laden teetering a wanker Padre Toby would you have canary tsunade Bonita.

I think I forgot to breathe for a second I've got goose bumps running up and down my arms that was so intense like giving you a coughing fair you all right this is a libel it on the wrong changing come on I just got really intense oh yeah that was yeah that was a lot I don't know what to think that was insane like I feel like we kind of deal with the same thing over here though yeah Muslims are automatically categorized as terrorists for being Muslim yeah I'm sorry Muslim and keep saying Muslims I grew up with that and not only that but there's lots of tension between India and Pakistan and obviously the majority religion in Pakistan is also emotional yeah Islam there's so many things on so many levels and court movies are really interesting you know especially the ones that are based on true events it's just so intense you're rooting for that character the protagonist to come out on the other side I'm assuming that Rishi Kapoor's character isn't actually guilty right even if his son was involved you can't just blame everyone you can't blame a whole group of people a whole religion a whole family.

 when you have no proof I am super interested in tapsee pannu her career was so varied the first time we watched her was in pink that was another like really intense movie and intense support movie and it was a court movie as well which terms this time she gets to be the long why she was the victim in that particular instance that was my first thought actually was that wow that's interesting that like we saw her in a court movie and now she's the lawyer yeah instead of the victim in this case Rishi Kapoor he looks completely unrecognizable well see especially since our first exposure to him was 1 or 2 not out well is your first exposure to okay my first exposure to him was important son he looked really different in that as well yeah because he's completely done up in the makeup that's what it looks like in the movie oh shoot Wow it seems like people really like to age him up don't they I think he's a character actor he likes to like us ooh almost like Alec Guinness they like to create these personalities get down to the costume the walk the the speech patterns and everything like that like these characters like to these people have to really craft to their characters and it seems like from my ignorance standpoint not understanding the language it seems like Rishi Kapoor likes to do the same thing I wouldn't even be able to recognize him and the only reason.

 I even knew it was Russia Kapoor in the trailer was because I was like well he's got to be the dad character cuz who else can he be right right I almost get nervous talking about the matter in this movie because I feel like I'm not informed enough on the surrounding politics that are informing this story but from like from my limited perspective on things it would just seem that you have this guy who's in a situation where he's being accused of something that he's not simply because of his religion and the associations of his religion with terrorism even though like he had nothing to do with that from that simple standpoint it's like it's easy to kind of root for this guy and and hope that he comes out on top I don't know anything about the Islam or the Muslim religion I am very ignorant on that I haven't done any research into it I have spoken to friends who subscribed to that religion and they have told me that there's nothing violent now in that religion I have that information and then I have Sam Harris on the other end who saying it is I don't know Sam Harris he's just someone I watch online who has said that it is a violent religion and it is you know directly linked to terrorism and so I'm like okay I tried I tried to hear all the information but like from this character standpoint it's clear that he's not a violent person and he just wants the freedom to his mind.

 he's a patriot as far as religion goes any religion can be interpreted in any way and militarize oh of course like even Christianity even Buddhism which you know is probably one of the most peaceful religions there are you know wars waged in the name of Buddhism I actually grew up in majorly Islamic country in in Indonesia my experience I grew up but you spent many years there well from the age of three to eleven if you don't call that growing up I don't know what that is yeah I lived there for many years and my parents also lived in the Middle East so you know I have a lot of exposure in my experience it's been very positive now obviously there are going to be a small minority of people who engage in terrorism and like that we've heard about yeah and you know they just kind of cast this shadow on everyone out I have a fun story just to lighten the mood here I don't know if I said a story before but I'll say it today so I was driving once in North Hollywood I had a Nissan Sentra a 1989 Nissan Sentra it was an old car okay are you dead you heard the story anyway I got a flat tire and it happened to be a flat tire right right outside of a mosque mind you.

 this wasn't that long after September 11th and so I was like being my young ignorant American I was like nervous because these Muslims like holding hands outside of a mosque praying and it's like kind of dark and spooky looking it's like it just didn't look right this situation looks sketch and so I'm like freaking out I'm trying to figure out how to get ahold of my dad and one of them came up to me is like do you need help I'm like yeah actually like I forgot a flat tire and I don't have a means of getting all of my dad I need to get I need to call him and I'm like I think we have a phone I think I think we have a phone like one of the meta phone and so they went inside to go get the phone and came back I called my dad he has no idea how to find me because I wasn't able to really articulate where exactly I was it was in a very strange spot in North Hollywood like Magnolia and Vineland it's just a weird area what happened was they go well we might have someone who can help you out and

 the this guy isn't as Muslim in the taxi van comes up and the thing is like I was apprehensive to touch anything because like it was hard for me to get the tire the car lift thing out of the trunk and the tire that was flat was really gross and dirty and anyone want to get my hands on that so like it was nasty looking right and so the the taxi driver comes up pulls the tire out of the trunk he gets down he rolls up his sleeves and he gets his hands like grimy and dirty and starts jacking up the car takes the tire off the places if she gets himself all dirty for me a complete stranger and he's like you're good to go I'm like well what do I do to thank you guys and goes just thank the almighty Wow I was like okay then done and I and I went on my way and it was just like it really hit me just how ignorant I was being that evening because I assumed the worst and then they like helped me out it was really a good life lesson for me that like you can't just assume things just pick you like you should never assume anything they were the kindest people to man they were kinder than most white people are to me in Los Angeles oh those are good people likewise here you've got this guy who's just he's a good person and like he didn't he didn't mean for his son to dissent to to go to the other side and you know go to the dark side so to speak no it had nothing to do with him there are just these people who are

 extremists and they create a bad name for everybody else I think it's really important that movies like this are made it challenges what people think the prejudices that we may have about certain types of people when a movie humanizes a person or a group of people that maybe we don't really understand or have certain negative ideas about it can kind of open up our minds and make us more accepting I think that's what's really amazing about art I just did a quick google search for Rishi Kapoor religion just because I assumed he wasn't a Muslim and it says early wife and family see also Kapoor family Kapoor was born in Chembur Mumbai in a Punjabi Hindu family that's interesting is interesting that he's taking that on it's it seems like I don't know you guys tell me cuz it to me that seems a bit risky he's taking on this role that is controversial anyway I like the message here there was some imagery in this video that was obviously quite upsetting yeah and emotionally startling but I think it's important it feels like they're going to do this story justice they're going to be as authentic as they can with approaching this subject matter you have to be real and honest and not pull your punches in order to really convey what's going on and really help you understand like just what kind of situation this character is in like basically it looks like the whole world's against it certainly feels that way tensions are high and people are really upset and they're looking for someone to yeah they want they want they want they want they want blood they want they need a target to ascribe their pain to and so they can feel retribution of some kind yeah I get it you need a villain because someone was

responsible for this and you need someone to take down so that you feel a little bit better and I totally get that feeling and that can be very misleading and yeah and have us making the wrong decision in a heated moment even collectively as a people we can we can all collectively make make a bad decision based on just needing to ascribe a villain to this horrific situation like that mob mentality I suppose it's mob mentality but it's like it happens even in the privacy of your home where you see what happens and you you want a bad guy you want someone to blame for this yeah and I don't I guess I guess that's a extension of the mob mentality but like you don't need to be around anyone to have that feeling like it's it's all informed by fear and frustration and anger and pain and like the worst parts of all of those feelings people are bombing your people in your home you know that's what it feels like and I can understand the feeling of just that restlessness and needing a villain of some kind and so and then to be the guy on the other side of that who had nothing to do with anything yeah like that's such a precarious situation it's a good set up for a story at the very least please let us know your thoughts in the comments below be honest be verbose how are you feeling about this what do you think of Rishi Kapoor and and what what what's he how he's doing with this compared to like his other stuff that you are familiar with it's really fascinating to me because we've just watched Rishi Kapoor in a comedy yeah like a very very you know very light-hearted comedy and now this is the opposite extreme it's so dark so yeah yeah you let us know your thoughts subscribe if you haven't already check out a chart Kirk on the social media check out our other reactions reviews and short film jovica way this is

Details of this movie casting are following:

Directed by - Anubhav Sinha
Produced by- Deepak Mukut,Anubhav Sinha
Written by: Anubhav Sinha
Starring: Rishi Kapoor,Prateik Babbar,Rajat Kapoor,Tapsee Pannu,Ashutosh Rana,Manoj Pahwa,Neena Gupta,Prachee Shah Pandya,Vartika Singh,Ashrut Jain,Indraneil Sengupta
Music by: Prasad Sahte,Anurag Saikia,Mangesh Dhakde
Cinematography: Evan Mulligan
Edited by: Ballu Saluja
Production: Banaras Media Works
Company: Soham Rockstar Entertainment
Release Date: 3 August 2018
Country: India 
Language: Hindi

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