Independence day speech

Independence day speech

Independence day speech:

A very good morning to all Ratan my name is Shoaib Khan today 15th of August is very important day for our nation we are celebrating our 72nd year of Independence on 15th August 1947 we got freedom from British rule during British rule children's are not allowed to go to school no one could do business independently the condition of women was pathetic we were harassed by a treatment and treated like slaves people of India suffered cruel behavior of Britishers for many years mass magani Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad and many other way to the advise against the Britishers and sacrifice their life for our country.

 Today we have Liberty on cemented such as education sport business and my nose this would salute our freedom items because they are our real national hero we should salute our Indian army whose that we filed there not to serve a better life but I also think after having 70 years of independence in our country is not the blood you got rid of from British rule but we are surrounded by several addiction such as terrorism violence corruption and men use corruption is everywhere if you want to take admission in school or college.

 you have to give donation if you want to lot as I add in the police station you should be known that and
you recognize a renown person if you want to buy home you have to get extra money by a backdoor effects on the growth and the development of the nation in on ourselves totally and economicallycertain thing.

 I would like to mention about Lisbon we should respect our society we should respect and help each other as we know reality regeneration we have the power of high technology we have the power of social media then we see any accident or growth we move forward to the not well we go ahead towards them with our mobile we start to set angle of our mobile we can't busy in zoom into out we try to cover Motorsports as much as we can and finally we are team addressed to to update it on our facebook status.

 we get something new interesting titles we are worried about light and comment with two Patriota Beyonce's do Polly wolly written and taught and the lesson of does aloof but what we had me we are intent on killing one another for justice multi you must have seen such 10 years on political we are becoming shelters our humility and sympathy has gone we have got much knowledge in the world of internet.

 But our thinking power is getting less and less people of all generations put to any calculation on their fingers but we need calculator to do the same in all generation people kept all the quartet number Indian mind but what about the earth we are not able to tell our numbers without searching and more time so my friends we all must take oath to make our country clean production free well consent so that we could take a loss on your back enter the golden bird India in Delhi.
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