How to get real instagram followers

How to get real instagram followers:

How to get Real Instagram Follower

hello guys here and today I'm going to be showing you guys how to get Instagram followers for all those people that have 50 followers or something and they need some extra followers so I'm going to show you and they're all completely real till you know and yeah so how you do is you have to go on Instagram I'm version on my profile and then you go to your profile and you go on your settings and you go all the way down and then you see clear search history and then yes I'm sure and then you go up and you have to be private so private calamari private so you just go like this and

 then private and then as you can see I have no probably a follower because okay wait I'm except these really quick oh yeah I just so I just got some flowers boy let me check if I'm private for sure no I'm not private private there you go there you go as you can see I have no no follow requests or anything and then you go on search and you type in make sure there's nothing here or on people so you're going to top type in Selena Gomez I'm ready following her.

 so type ups and follow them Selena Gomez Ariana Grande and you also follow her cancel and then you go follow Miley Cyrus Oh and then you also fall wait well pretty much you just need five celebrities five five famous celebrities I'll go and Nicki Minaj and you also follow her and you need four or five people I owe you I usually get five so I mean checks more Zac Efron click follow so you go back and then you should have four people and top these five people or five really famous celebrities and after that so you go from the very bottom you click this and then you click unfollow follow unfollow follow and you go back click it again unfollow follow unfollow fall you go back unfollow follow unfollow follow and so you just keep doing that on fall follow on follow follow and once you keep doing that you get followers like that so pretty much how it works is when someone follows them they follow you to cuz the system works that way and

 you go back and once you refresh it hold on well I might another well you have to do it for you don't have to do it that long but you just do it but you can easily earn up to 100 followers a day that's what you want but so you pretty much just keep doing that I want you to do it for a while you can get a whole bunch but I don't really like doing it for that long because but once you do it for a while it gets you more followers yeah so now I can go here c11 follow request what it says if you do a whole bunch Rd like I already did a whole bunch so kind of slow down because I was doing it before this video and so I just shown you see you got one follower you can accept and then just go back and you just keep doing that and that's how you get your followers up so you just have to deal for a while if you want but oh yeah so leave a like on this video and subscribe if you're new and call me what videos you want to see next make sure you're subscribed though and follow me on instagram and DME or comment you saw my video and I'll follow you and like you like all your pictures so yeah guys peace out you.

So guys i hope you all undersatand very well .

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