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you are working cold fusion PD hi to gogo here and welcome to another khan magazine article in my living memory whenever you wanted to watch a more post it had to be on VCR and then later came the DVD player and then we moved over to cable networks and now there's YouTube but only just 25 years ago streaming videos over the Internet was pretty much.

 the stuff of science fiction the YouTube phenomenon in of itself has only been around for 10 years and already has definitely changed the world the sheer size and influence of YouTube is truly mind-boggling in this video we'll take a look at exactly how this platform rose to prominence and just how big it is so first of all the size the 7 billion hours of video watched every month also it will take you four straight days of watching just to view the amount of video uploaded every 60 seconds but surprisingly 80 percent of all YouTube views are outside of the United States of America in terms of size on the web YouTube is the third most visited site on the Internet and the second largest search engine on the internet.

 so this gives you a very quick glimpse into how big YouTube actually is right now but where did all this come from and how did this happen well let me tell you a little story in one way it all starts with Elon Musk yes that guy that is planning to send people to Mars and already has his own space company and the same guy who created the all-electric car company Tesla as impressive as this was prior to all of this Elon Musk also co-founder a website called PayPal and as it turns out three employees of PayPal would go on to change.

 the world their names are Chad Hurley Steve Chen and jawed Karim after their days at PayPal they were interested in creating a video dating website called TuneIn hookup it was a site where people could upload videos of themselves in order to find dates and as you could guess it didn't really work all too low as most people.

 weren't really interested in the idea but as it so often happens with these things serendipity would strike one day jared happened to notice how hard it was to find a video of Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction anywhere on the Internet this sparked an idea and the lack of James wardrobe malfunction was realized as a market need and the solution to this need would change the world they just needed the right formula.

 the perfect formula was found within the existing video sharing site TuneIn hookup whose name was later changed to YouTube the website was founded on February 14th 2005 in a humble room above a pizza shop in California the first video was titled me at the zoo and it was by Jared Karim uploaded on April 23rd 2005 wasn't long before YouTube had his first 1 million hit video this happened in September 2005.

 and it was actually a Nike app this ad featured the Brazilian player Ronaldinho and it made Nike one of the first companies to embrace YouTube's promotional potential by November 2005 the site had already received 3.5 million dollars in finisher capital in June of 2006 NBC and YouTube struck a deal this helped the traditional media company into the digital age after this it wasn't long before the site caught the attention of Google and in October 2006 the site was acquired for a cool 1.65 billion dollars with the co-founders of the site.

we just wanted to say thank you today we have some exciting news for you we've been acquired by Google thanks thanks to every one of you guys that have been contributing to YouTube the community we would be wouldn't be anywhere close to where we are without the help of this community thank at the time Google called it the next step in the evolution of the internet it was a pretty bold thing to say at the time because the company only had 65 employees things.

 just kept going from strength to strength for YouTube and that year YouTube was one of the fastest growing sites on the entire Internet there's obviously something special here this was really just the beginning the site was about to become a so personal for many individuals around the world in May 2007 the YouTube Partner Program came into the picture this personally changed the lives of many people for the first time.

YouTube made it possible for everyday people to turn their hobbies into a business about a year later the most successful users were earning six-figure incomes from YouTube in the same year 7 out of the 16 presidential candidates announced their campaigns via YouTube and in July YouTube and CNN hosted their first presidential debate featuring citizens submitted video questions this was also the first time into bait history where user-generated video drove the debate for some reason this somewhat reminds me of the first televised presidential debate between Nixon and Kennedy in 1960 at the time many said that if it wasn't for the televised session Kennedy would have never been elected.

 so the question is did YouTube actually play a part in history this time continuing with the story in August of 2007 Google finally decided it was time to start making money and rolled out the first advertisements after this it wasn't long before YouTube truly became mainstream in 2009 Congress and the Vatican launched their YouTube channels and by 2011 features such as YouTube's live streaming allowed real-time footage of anything from rural wedding to the Olympics to live concerts on news coverage in the same year.

 It became clear that YouTube could do even bigger things it could influence world history during the 2011 Arab Spring YouTube played an instrumental role in disseminating messages of freedom and democracy it demonstrated the major cultural movements could now be influenced by social media on a different note and in the same year the channel majestic casual was founded some say that this channel influenced internet music culture with an acute taste for various types of cutting-edge future music of various genres.

 it brought the music into the limelight which is now heard everywhere from 2012 onwards you've never really looked back over the years every few months new features have been added to the dismay or joy of many but regardless saw the exponential growth of the website it really has become its own living breathing culture which is amazing for the short amount of time that has really been around in full force.

 so that's all well and good but what other interesting things are there about YouTube just how big is it now well it's bigger than TV according to Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt he already serves the YouTube is replacing TV watching as a whole he goes on to say that the future of YouTube is now this was in reference to YouTube having passed 1 billion unique visitors every month but he says it's not finished yet he goes on to say wait until he gets a 6 billion or 7 billion unique users a month.

 but that was two years ago and now everyone is starting to realize just how big YouTube is even the TV advertisers advertisers are now starting to turn from TV to YouTube and one of those ways is through Google's preferred program where exclusive advertisers which many of them are from TV can choose to advertise on premium.

YouTube channels not only this but some very real celebrities have actually made their start from YouTube apologetically one that comes to mind is Justin Bieber but apart from that we have shows like broad city and workaholics which were to mirroring concept shows that got their start from YouTube skits and now they have full seasons on primetime TV and are both enjoying a lot of success but that's not all some quite interesting phenomena is happening just by the sheer amount of video that's on there when you just have so many people uploading videos some strange things are bound to happen a large number of people who have started to upload their old VHS tapes digitally and because there are just so many people doing this we can already construct entire decades of TV so much.

 so that if you were a couch potato 20 years ago that never went outside and just sat down and TV all day the simulation that we get from all these YouTube videos can already be pretty accurate maybe wondering what I'm talking about here and how do I know this well this is my case in point right here.

There exists a very clever website that was made to mimic the TV reality of the 1970s 1980s and 1990s the sites are called my 70s TV my 80s TV and my 90's TV respectively and on here you can watch comedy commercials drama game shows movies music news specials sports talk shows movie trailers and just everything from a particular year there's more videos being added all the time but already it works like an actual TV of the decade.

 I may be alone on this one but I personally think this is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen on the Internet it's really like unfiltered history so just finishing off there's so much I can say about YouTube but it's clear that the community is very vibrant as there's new forms of infotainment which channels such as Vsauce or veritasium or even channels for straight learning such as sixty symbols or crash course there's everything from hilarious prank videos with channels such as big doors TV or Andrew Hales amazing special effects with corridor digital or Freddy view or just straight-up comedy with Smosh owners pranks and nigahiga community channel or even the stranger comedy of howtobasic who by the way actually lives around the corner from me in Perth I've actually did used that by some of the surroundings in his videos and I found that absolutely hilarious coming to a close YouTube definitely has changed the world.

politically personally for the lives of many and collectively in the way we communicate with each other and tend to consume media throughout society it's all very very interesting and only time will tell whether its platform goes in another 10 years video on demand has never been so diverse and has never been so good so looking at the big picture all of this really just started from 3 good friends realizing that there was no existing way of sharing an embarrassing video of Jenna it's funny the way things go anyway this has been to gogo.

 You've been watching cold fusion don't forget to leave a comment give a thumbs up and subscribe if you're new thanks for watching and I'll see you again soon for the next video cheers guys have a good one hey guys to get here just want to thank you guys for watching my YouTube documentary or the documentary on YouTube I just think it's kind of fascinating that this whole phenomena which I'm even a part of started because three guys just had a good idea and just really went for it so it's a really cool story when you think about it and I just thought I'd like to share that with you guys.

 but yeah as you saw by the end of that video the Vox is launched it is still being worked on sorry those taken so long you know the pipeline that we've got is only really small I've only got me as a designer and the code are working on the implementation of the boxis launcher and he's busy with some other client work as well over the past couple of months.

 I've just started full-time work as well which is another reason why the video uploads haven't been as regular so I'm still trying to find that balance between uploading videos and actually working full-time so you know don't worry guys like things will get smoothed out in a while so I just want to thank you for your patience for you guys who have been hanging in there yeah I think that's all I really had to say so yeah you guys have a good one and I'll see you again soon for the next post cheers guys.
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