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Website Design: 

hello out there my name is Shoaib and welcome to my Khan Guru Website  if you are joining my website for the very first time you walk home I upload article tutorials around WordPress teaching you
how to master in wordpress? and what you learn in this article? is how to create a beautiful website like this? you can see on your screen using Infiniti free and I will teach you step by step outside get that done what I'll be teaching you in this article is how you can design a website like this using the free subdomain from Infiniti free and also how you can register a custom domain with any choice domain registrar out there.

Website Design

you can hand it to infinity free account and still install WordPress and I did that in this article so because I have two tops here and this website is loaded on tutorial ml and this is a free custom domain name I got from freedom I also showed in this video to get that done and if you check the next stop you will see that this is - tutorial that you see that come still loading the same website without wasting so much of your time let me show you how I designed this beautiful website using Infiniti free so now I am at infinity freed net.

That's the URL you need to access infinity 3 once you are able to come down to this URL you should be able to access infinity 3 and upon landing and unity 3 you can walk through the website and see some of you some of the offers and some of the futures which I feel is quite good but again what is what infinity 3 is most noted for is their free unlimited web hosting well whatever that means I really can't tell because I know there are lots of restrictions around the hosting but again if you are looking at just having a website that you are not taking too seriously.

 I would advise that you create an account with them and you get started but you are looking for a very serious website with your business or a blog and you want traffic you might want to consider our Pro question or perhaps another hosting because I'm not sure that the free hosting here would be good enough for you to have good traffic on your website so let's get started immediately byclicking the sign up button on the home screen so right now I would try to fill my details

okay now

seven times on condition and also verify that you're not a robot and then we create new account okay so infinity free now requires that I verify my email address so what what I'm gonna do right now is to go to my email address and try and verify this account okay so we got an email from infinity free let's open all we have to do here is to click the very file email address button we are already in infinity free account now we're supposed to go into the second step which will be that we'll create an account in infinity free that again is something that is very easy to do as easy as a piece of cake so let's get
it on again we have a zero of three accounts created it means that infinitively gives you the opportunity
to create three accounts and for me.

Website Design

I don't really think these I'd only thing that matters because I believe that all with one account with as many website as you want again let's create an account and once we opt in to create an account we realize that we have two options of the domain type would want to create a subdomain or a custom done or a custom domain name you so let's continue use let's see - tutorial so let's search ki domain name dubs tutorial is available our account username is generated automatically unless I would choose a password and then we create an account okay so our account has been created as username a piece whatever so let's open this panel in a new tab. I still want to view the client area this account is still being set up and it'll be ready in a few minutes.

we need to verify that this account is set up before we continue everything we are doing I also just be wasting our time okay we have our count active and it is a please know that I take out to 72 hours when you do mean - static start walking everywhere and you can search why that happens and what  I
was supposed to do here is to approve so we have access to the control panel of infinity free and the next step for us to take in this article would be that would install WordPress first to install WordPress we have to use an app called Softaculous app installer and then we can visit this hub and the very first
thing we have on this app install our WordPress and if you over on WordPress you see the option for you to install and you can check the demo and overview you want to but let's install directly what press version 5.4 is a latest as that when I'm wrting this article ,this is the only domain I have in here 

So I'm gonna leave it as it is I'm gonna leave all this detail the Videha admin pass it's just for it's
just for demo purpose and do you want to perhaps put an admin email here you want to put a valid email that now you don't have access to use customize the on infinity 3 they used to allow that but they stopped that because of spam and whatever reasons they said so you have to perhaps use any other custom email address you have in the Gmail account or yahoo or whichever you use how to put the here I'll leave it the way it is and once I come down here all I have to do is to eat the install button and we can see that WordPress is installing exist.

 I can take up to three to four minutes but usually it takes less than 10 minutes to get that done and voila we have WordPress installed already so what we can do right now is to check what our website looks like and if you visit this place here by a left you see two URLs one URL is that the link to our website directly and the other one is the one that goes to the administrative URL so let's go to the URL directly ok this is the error I got on a newly installed WordPress this is not usual however I want you to note something that's written here that it may take up to 72 hours before a new domain starts walking basically so sometimes it takes time for it takes time for the domain to propagate really if it a subdomain but we'll look at the constant domain as well so we see exactly how this work and this might just have happened because of some cache or some cookies.

 I have done a lot with a PC and this browser perhaps that's why I'm getting this error so I should try to see if I can open this website onanother browser most preferably now maybe Chrome browser so let me head about a crow okay so this blog with this URL - toot rather a PC Lutz well on Chrome but not loading well on on Opera Mini so I would advise that so we see half a minute let me see refresh perhaps to allude we're still not loading well here since its loading well on Chrome I think would continue here and and will continue the next step which would be that we install a wordpress team so less signing into the entire back-end at the dashboard right now we would have to install it in I would come to appearance,

I will come to themes so let's add a new team okay right now we search for a team called Astra okay we go Astra here so let's install Astra I'll also activate it we go Astra installed now if we check what our
website looks like now that tab you see that we have something quite different but yet we are not there so let's come back to the backend and now would install a plugin let's come to plugins and let's come to add new we search for a plug-in called as trust status site so let's install it and activate as well okay we've got this plug-in installed and activated and down in the plugins area you see this plug-in here you see please see library let's over to see library okay we have option to select pit builders if you are
not very I personally prefer to use elemental but if you prefer to use other people's here that you've used before you love that's cool but I think,

elemental works for me right so I'm out to sell amento so we got tons of template here that we can choose from as we have them here I think my website is a little bit messy so it's not really looting at once but what I want you to do once you are here is that you come to the free and ,

you should be able to get the free ones so everything we are seen here is free so it's so much here as free for us to use fortunately my internet is not just buffering and I think I have slow connections I think I like this Groot meketa I would love to out hustle I would love to have the website like this let's click this and perhaps install this yeah so let's let's install thislet's then if we the awesome thing about about elemental and Astra is that you have the option to install either the homepage.

you to install the complete website so it means that you can install as much template as possible from different means you can install as much template as you want so let's install the complete website here if you can decide to play around and see what works for you so let's import our template right about now Astra is installing necessary plugins and also would be importing our demo content so let's have it imports so after about one minute.

We have import we have the demo content imported successfully so now let's go to our website and see what we have now so we have this beautiful website here as we saw in the demo and I think this is wonderful this is beautiful loading directly on soap to mean so this is exactly how to install wordpress with using free infinity using infinity free this is exactly how to install a beautiful website like this using infinity free using the or subdomain and I think right now we should go back to infinity 3 and see

that we can connect we can do the same process using a custom domain so coming back to infinity free there are two ways we can now add a custom domain we can just choose to start afresh here and just perhaps create another account and use a custom domain name or we can still go back to a control panel and in our control panel we can use we can dos we can come down to domains and we see please for I don't do means we can come here and click on add-on domain and then

had a custom domain name but that would be and you can you can easily come here and just had a new domain name and it will be on the account we created earlier it's it's it's something that can it's something we can get done if you come here we can still choose to it accurate in your account so I really don't know which to do but since I have done this step before you see what you would need to do is just click a custom domain here and then you ready study domain name you want to register here but I don't want to create a second account here let me still register a custom domain name directly

into the same account we have using this add-on domain future in a control panel so I would go to and as you please you can easily get a free domain name and that's free num calm and let's go back to freedom and that's freedom so let's head over to let's go to freedom calm so if you go to freedoms calm you can sign up for a free account with freedom and you should be able to create a free domain name but I don't I already have an account freedom I wouldn't want to create a free

account right now so I would just have to sign in to my freedom account so upon signing in to mine now I'm signing in to my freedom and I've got some emails average I've got some domain registered here and would would come to services up here will come to register a new domain option so we registered our tutorial Alya let's see if we can get the sim down here okay upon searching for - tutorial you would see that the first five options we have here dot t-- k dot m dot G dot C F dot GQ they are all free where you come down you can see the conrad Neda Agha and those have cost price attached to them if you want to go for the regular ones you can just by the calm that name dot hog but for the sake of this tutorial I want to stick with the free ones so I'll just get it on ml and I'll

check out but you don't necessarily need to use freedom you can use any of your preferred domain Austin account if you've got somewhere else you can use that but if you want the free one this is exactly how to get it so if you come down to the period here you see that you have this for three months free but what you can do is that you can still come down and extend it to up to up to 12

months free and when you are selecting from one year two years is when you begin to pay for this so it comes to use up to twelve months for free okay for me to complete or that I have to agree there I've read the terms and conditions then now completely hada okay we have this domain set up already so let's go back to our client area come to services and come to my domains and then

this is the new domain we just created here so what we're gonna do is manage this domain will come to management tools and come to name service and we choose to use a custom name service okay before we leave here let's copy this domain dubs tutorial ml and let's come back to a control panel and let's piss the domain name here and that's our domain domain name so you see we got arrow add in this domain because we have

not pointed this name server to ns1 that busy calm but this is a caddy how to get our name servers now let's go back to frenom and let's add this and the second one is just an S to the PC or you can copy the I think I have it saved here so you can change name save us okay so now let's come back to our domain unless it's the back button before we continue this time let's refresh this page now let's put the domain back and let's try to add it now so congratulations we have a new domain to your control panel so let's go back so we already have

another domain here dubs tutorial dot inhale and is registered in these accounts so in case you try to do this and you still get error you have to refresh the page and perhaps give it time before you can before you try again and definitely everything should walk so we've done this so let's go back to our home we just have to install WordPress now we'll come to some tequila's up installer this was the one we installed earlier so let's delete this so we have one active means one active

installations with data Elia so let's come to installation again okay coming down here we have this dimin here but we click now you have our custom domain here already and then we can leave all these disabilities as usual and then let's install WordPress so we have wordpress installed again now let's check this domain and let's see if it's working bingo this wok fine here so we didn't really need to join browser this time around I don't get possibly infinity free has issues with propagating yeah they are domains quite highly so you may want to always leave it with chrome me so now let's come back to VP admin and this is the administrative URL and so as usual let's replicate the same process let's come to teams plus add new let's search for Astra as usual so we go Astra here so let's install Astra okay so let's just go directly to plugins and

let's add new Astra site so let's install and activate as usual I'm going to I will still GUI elemental so we've got all the free templates here you can choose to use any template you love to love to install the same damn wine store Dahlia so I'm searching for that demo okay so I got I got the team here so I'll click this uninstall complete site again so let's import you.

 okay we got a demo installed successfully so now let's go back to see what we got so we have this demo installed already and we have it as beautiful as possible as it can be so this is exactly how to get this done using infinitive free guys even if the free is quite easy to use I hope you won't have any problem using that if you want to learn more on how to customize your website using elemental I should have a article somewhere you can check in few days in the next article  right now if you can't get any link on the screen I will teach you step by step how you can use elemental to design to edit your website pages into any thing you want it to be.

 Thank you for reading this article I'll see you in my next article.

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