How to lose weight without exercise and dieting

How to lose weight without exercise and dieting:

Hi guys welcome to Khan guru he can't tell if you're new here hello there and if you've been following me for a while thank you so much for all your love and support in 2 days my deal I'm going to be talking about a subject that I've never really spoken about How to lose weight without exercise and dieting I am reviewing a outstanding product which is BelleGlory's Ultrasonic Cavitation device

How to lose weight without exercise and dieting

and that is it weight loss cellulite fat loss all those good things now today we're going to be reviewing a product that claims to reduce fat and cellulite alone with a dressing any skin care concerns that you have right from the comfort of your home well let me show you what product I'm talking about so in this article we're going to be reviewing BelleGlory's Ultrasonic Cavitation device. 

How to lose weight without exercise and dieting wikihow

batteries sonic yeah must infrared color light to see if you're intrigued and interested in you want to find out more then please keep watching but before we jump into today's article you know what to do please remember to subscribe to my channel that links are all down below and when you're ticked why not hit the notification bell as well so you don't miss out on any future videos that I do not let me let's just move straight into

today's video I want to say a big thank you to Brandon Drury for sending me this sonic EMS infrared color light to test it out for you guys on my channel I am so excited because I have read really really good reviews about this product especially on their website

so I want to test it out for myself and see if this really can help me target any weight loss get rid of this double chain because it does claim to get rid of the double chain I understand you like to and of course address any skin consensus I have now this is what the packaging looks like I'm here for the packaging it completely matches my backdrop as well

How to lose weight without exercise and dieting

So I left that and we didn't did you get quite a lot of things. First thing that you get within this packaging itself is of course this ultrasonic Bella glory device you also get a power adapter to of course the plug in this device and then you have the electrodes this is what scares me a little bit you guys I'm not gonna lie these electrodes that you're meant to put it on your body and then of course this is the cable that gets plugged in as well 

How to lose weight without exercising and dieting

and you have to use gloves which are also meant to be for the electrodes are also key to safety glasses that are meant to be worn and of course the product instructions not this product to retailers in the U. K. for 181 pounds 15 pounds but currently it is on sale and is available for 75 pounds 47 days over here that you can see are different and he delights and a different 6 different colors all flights 

which will tell you exactly what the function off each light is and I'm going to talk about it a lot more detail and of course we have the functional display mode over here as well which will give you the information up which mode you're using this is like the missile launch price of this product

 I'm guessing can also be used as a massager which is great who doesn't love a good old massage let me tell you a little bit about how this device is meant to help with weight loss and fat production I'm going to go on the website to bend glory and check out what they say so this ultrasonic cavitation beauty device works by removing fat

How to lose weight naturally without exercise and dieting

 and decreasing cellulite by producing ultrasound waves an infrared heat to stimulate blood flow under the deep by lance off the skate breaking down fat deposits that are subsequently eliminated by the blood sugar constant use of the ultrasonic cavitation beauty devices removes fat boosts muscle building reduces. 

How to lose weight without exercise and dieting

Cellulite and improves the texture of skin no more spending a lot of money on fake solutions America creams or expensive sessions and because medics Kleenex wow there are some very very big claims about this product which is very interesting especially if its products going to walk.

Well then it will save you a lot of money because using these ultrasonic devices enough professional Salo or help sponsor can cost you a lot of money money money money money know what's really interesting about this product and especially if it walks given the reviews are really really positive that it claims to lose your fat from your body and also target those satellite without having to go on a diet or having to worry about too much I mean who doesn't want to lose weight by doing absolutely nothing

How to lose weight without exercise and diet in a week

I certainly did I don't really have to think that this product is going to be like a merit gold buying I do helps me target those cellulite and fat D. areas especially around my chin and around my stomach area as well without having to do too much work his

 I am not a big fan of junior guys now intends off the east facts how long does it take to see the effect they suggest that you can see the fast facts within 4 to 6 weeks of regular use that is applying this product consistently for no more than 10 to 15 minutes 3 times a week and they say that your skin will become smoother and more toned

 but the cellulite reduction will come only after 7 to 9 weeks of regular massages like they say good things come to those who wait if this product is going to do everything that it suggests on the website then I'm happy to wait 7 to 9 weeks Hey I mean I as long as I don't have to go to the gym and I dropped it died and I can still have weight loss and cellulite Los.

How to lose weight fast at home without exercise and diet

I am very happy bunny with all of that everything that I read sounds really good to me I just hope it's not all these a big flashy marketing once but actually the product does walk now because the effects do you show up within as little as 4 weeks to a maximum of 9 weeks I'm not going to be able to show you guys to date the results 

but what I'm trying to do is continue to use this machine for the next 3 months and take pictures today and then comparative in 3 months time I will then update you guys via my Instagram if you guys are not following me on Instagram I will link my handle just above so make sure you check it out I'm very active on Instagram.

And I post quite a lot in my stories so what I'm going to do in order to 9 weeks time I'm going to be updating you guys via my Instagram so make sure you check my Instagram out in front of me that now let's not waste any time and let's start by applying this product and see how many different modes we can try.

how to lose weight without exercise or diet change

 and what it can do for us today so the first function that we're going to try to day is the EMS function which involves using those electrode pads and also the electrode conductor now the EMS function is the electrical muscle stimulator it's a treatment that would make your muscles walk bacteria targeting the fast twitch muscle fibers fundamental to muscle tone without the need for heavy loading this mode is best for god's reduction or for obtaining rock hard ABS also injuries muscle pain and emanates toxins 

and enhances your metabolism your strength and your in Jordan's it comes with 5 the settings tab must signage need scrap and slam we now wait a second we're going to be trying today and that is the slim setting okay let's try and use these electrodes how did she. These are a little bit scary for me I'm not going to lie hopefully

I don't get electrocuted or get some sort of shock anyway so these are the true and lectured patches and there is this a cable guy you need to log on to the patches said the electricity goes through these patches once your body now for the purpose of using this EMS electrodes I'm going to be targeting mods. Yeah. Bring your own. Just getting excited so. 

The lecture and I'm going to take this and also these conductor at electrode conductor and plug it into here and then there's a plastic salad which is gonna take off and then apply it on here in my arms to target these bingo wings and that is the same thing on the right as well got the switch over here which goes inside here. Okay turn on the.

how to lose weight in 10 days without exercise diet plan

How to lose weight without exercise and dieting

And she we're going to use the EMS marriage. This one. It was a shock but not in a bad way. Okay. I thank the shock of my okay, so it s like pulsating it's quite an interesting sensation I mean it doesn't feel painful in any way it doesn't it s not uncomfortable but it just feels like pulsating is definitely the right one okay that was on level one I'm not going to increase the intensity to level 3. For. 50 my god it's the vibrations are definitely getting stronger.

I'm. 61 let me can we go to okay so 6 is the highest level so I'm gonna put it on sex I definitely want to take care of those being awaiting someone gonna go straight with the 6 you see a little bit I don't know if it's picking up on the camera I didn't think I wish you could sell my arms right now yeah it's doing something for sure the pulsating in the vibrations are quite strong especially in level 6 Sir what did you put my hands down. 

Yes okay, I'm what I'm gonna do is basically leave this on for 10 minutes and then I'll come back and then we'll try another different bird office culture. I'm so excited. So you got the gist of it. Oh my god thanks for. You guys are having so much fun with this like. My arms are getting a proper work ouch hopefully these big weights so I'm almost close to 10 minutes and that's my alarm going off that means 10 minutes is up you guys. Thank you. 

This was so much fun I really enjoyed that pulsating vibrations and on my bingo wings head hopefully in like 4 to 9 weeks my bingo wings are going to fly away and there's not going to be any more wings that just like tool and mostly arms thank you guys so I think that was really fun I now want to try and use these electrodes gloves as well and I want to try and use this on my double chin so again the product application is the same way.

I've got these electrode conductor pads and I'm going to plug these in on to the gloss over here one on one side and the other one over here on the other side now I am wearing make up on it but nothing on my neck so because I knew it was filming this article I didn't apply any foundation on my neck some got the gloves on as you can see added to the electrodes gloves are patched in with the conductor which is plugged into the machine over here.

How to lose weight without exercise or diet or pills

And to move on to the EMS function which is the function for targeting cellulite and weight loss and fat loss so let's move it over there oh my god okay this is only on level one and I can just feel the current and next to city hall one was struck to the machine that I what I'm gonna do is apply pressure on my naked that doesn't feel too strong.

So could increase the intensity so let's go on to and I moved the EMS function to slam oh my god this is such a weird sensation. Talking to my hands. Like electricity. Okay, I'm only going to keep it on level 2. And again this should only be left on for 10 minutes it does take some getting used to because the sensation is a little bit where it's almost like getting a very mild electric shock 

my hands bearing a shocks they are shivering but that's from the electricity or whatever this is doing this is the level 2 so these seem to be a lot more powerful than the electrode patches that are used on my bingo wings okay so I'm going to continue doing this for 10 minutes you guys and then I will be back okay the 10 minutes are done the gloves are also.

 Not as much fun as the electrode pads I have to say is specially designed to keep going in and massaging my neck I might try the electrode pads on my double chin because personally I felt that the electric pods will more powerful the eagles had more frequency in the sense they were more there was a lot more vibration

 but I could really just feel my hands pulsating I wasn't sure how much those vibrations were actually getting through the glass on my neck because I just felt more of that the shock waves on my hands on the sonic waves on my hands so I think I'll try targeting the double chin area with that electrode pads rather than the gloves so the next thing we're going to do often having tried the gloves and the electrode pads

I want to go ahead and try the sonic function for skin care now understanding function within days ultrasonic device there are 6 different types of lights and they are there's a red light for skin cell generation and for relieving the pain of allergic skin there's a green light for good sedative effect and deeper Pat there's also the blue light which you guys know I already use blue light therapy

because it helps with acne and helps with information if you have any inflamed areas on your skin this the yellow light which improves skin redness erythema and relieving the visible capillaries on the face the spotlight again for removing redness rosacea and will support of parents skin and then there's a sign Colin light which enhances all the Senate energy and promotes metabolism for a fresh look

So I think I'm going to be use the sign which is more like a turquoise blue color light today because like I said anything that promotes metabolism to the body I am a huge fan of fat so let's go ahead and try that as you can. See I'm wearing a make up today so I'm going to quickly go off camera remove my make up and then come back and try it this sonic devise the sonic function of sign light therapy so there instructions say that makes sure your face is clean and apply any skin care product that you normally use.

How to lose weight fast without exercise diet plan

so I've applied my normal day moisturizer and serum and all the jobs that I use on my skin and the instruction book also suggest to use this hi Moscow became the LED lights will be applied to the face so as to not damage your eyes so that's what I'm going to do it's going to be tricky wearing an eye mask and then trying to sell them at the same time as well as I can't I've got my mosque on. 

And then we are going to start applying it on my face well actually feels quite cooling there's no vibration I guess I just moved the product around it's starting to get a little bit warmer now I don't know what this is doing because there's no vibration like the other mates I don't know how long I'm supposed to use it for 

How to lose weight without exercise and dieting

so I'm really just gonna use it for a minute that's the kind of like mind like it kept saying I did not really feel anything it started off with like a cooling sensation that was just probably because this part was cold but then after a few seconds or sorry it started becoming a little bit warm I only used it on my skin for about a minute not longer than that unfortunately the instruction booklet doesn't tell you how long it needs to be put on your face for so I just used it for a minute and it didn't really feel any pulsating or vibrations alike I D. 

like I filed with the are there modes within this ultrasonic device but again I will continue to use this as well and see how it affects my skin. I heard you guys enjoyed watching this video I personally had so much fun filming this video I think this device is still pretty cool I really enjoyed deserves the ultrasonic EMS function within this particular device

because I felt like my bingo wings were getting a work out on its own I would definitely try it on my belly is well and as I said to you yeah I am going to do a review often 4 to 9 weeks of consistently using this product and I will share my journey across my Instagram and I will leave a handle of my Instagram just about say if you're intrigued to find out what the results look like make sure you follow me on Instagram let me know in the comments section below 

How to lose weight without exercise and dieting

Conclusion about How to lose weight without exercise and dieting

This product is very amazing to lose your weight fast so use this product and get better results.

if you enjoyed this article and whether this is something you're going to invest in if you enjoyed this article make sure to give it a big thumbs up now I'm going to say good bye and take your leave and hopefully see you all very soon when I'm back with yet another article so then you guys know what did you think I should take care of yourselves miss me and I hope you have understand about How to lose weight without exercise and dieting.

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