Tenet movie plot

Tenet movie plot: Tenet is one of the best movie of this year so i am showing some points of this movie.

Tenet movie plot

Welcome to Khan Guru reviews where the stars are with your host Khan guru here's our take hello thanks for reading I'm Khan, today we're taking a look at the latest trailer from the movie Tenet which stars John David Washington and is written and directed by Christopher Nolan who's one of my favorite working directors who besides the Dark Knight trilogy has done other great films including inception and interstellar which are two films that a lot of people have trouble understanding mean I don't I totally know what they're about there.

Tenet film teaser:

Well moving on Tenet is set to be one of the first movies released back into theaters when they reopen according to the official website and a tweet from Christopher Nolan the film will be released August 12th of this year I've never been so excited to go sit in a movie theater for two hours.

Tenet film trailer:

And try to figure out what the heck is going on let's take a look at the official latest trailer from Warner brother pictures all I have for you is a word Tenet  it'll open the right doors some of the wrong ones too use it carefully just one word what's he supposed to do I was supposed to figure it out to do what I do I need some idea of the threat we face as I understand it we'retrying to prevent World War 3 I'm not saying armageddon here.

Tenet film budget: Its bugdet is about approximately 6000 cr. indian rupees

No something worse gather you have an interest in a certain Russian national Michael Cain New Batman you can communicate with the future time travel no inversion. Pull the trigger you're not shooting the bullet you're catching it Oh what I've said too much. Well then try to keep up dooty transcends national interests this is about survival seems both bold I'm fine with that thought you were gonna say nuts this is where our worlds collide how would you like to die? Old.

You chose the wrong profession who doesn't love a good simultaneous frontward backward car chase What happened here Hasn't happened yet there are people in the future who need us They need a Tenet we need to save them here and now this reversing the flow of time wasn't us being here now I mean it never happened you want to crash a plane but not from the air don't be so dramatic well how big a plane? that part is a little dramatic very cool looks action-packed so he has to prevent something worse than a nuclear holocaust the only thing I could think of worse would be if they made a sequel to Doolittle let's not have history repeat itself.

Tenet movie plot

If he wants to really do the world a favor why don't you go back in time and stop them from making the Godfather 3 it's been 30 years and I'm still not over that one time goes forward time goes backwards time repeats itself time goes sideways who knows maybe a time goes upside down but if he only has one word to go off of tenet he's gonna have to do a really good job to figure things out Tenet.

He's gonna have to doa really good job to figure things out in a recent interview Nolan says John David Washington's character is not a traditional spy protagonist but rather one which is extremely well rounded and sympathetic he sees his character as someone who is willing to sacrifice his life for other people and the greater good just about everything else about this movie Nolan is keeping close to the vest as he usually does not even John David Washington's character is being released it's being kept secret it's only known as protagonist.

I see them doing a big act of bravery or some sort of heroic scene right off the bat in this movie just to establish the character traits of the protagonist if you're familiar with Christopher Nolan's work you know he's an extremely practical filmmaker he doesn't like shooting on a green screen he likes using as little CGI as possible and when he does you see gee.

Tenet film poster:

Tenet movie plot

It's usually only as a scene enhancement but in this movie he's taken practical effects to a whole new extreme level by actually crashing a real Boeing 747 into an airport hangar Nolan loves destroying airplanes and Dunkirk he crashed his replica Spitfires and and one of my favorite movie scene sin recent history is the plane hijack scene in the dark night where Bane is freed from a private military escort plane by ripping the plane up in the sky speaking of the dark knight.

Robert Pattinson who will be portraying Batman Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman reboot is also intented Nolan will not be directing that one Matt Reeves will but Nolan advised Pattins onto combine what Adam West Michael Keaton Val Kilmer George Clooney Christian Baleand Ben Affleck did with the character and he would just be fine Batson was kind of confused by this advice but then he used that confusion in his performance and that's exactly what Nolan wanted in the first place Nolan is also known for not sending actors scripts instead he waits till they show up on set makes them cold read and captures that on film so he can get a true performance and legendary actors Kenneth Branagh. Michael came both have roles in this film and even though they were in it they don't even understand it.

Conclusion of Tenet Movie :

It's okay guys just hit your marks and say your lines everything will work out just fine after all this is a movie review channel this trailer is done of the best quality keeps us guessing and makes us want moreI give it a five out of five on our star scale well let me know what you thought about the trailer let me know if you're gonna go see "Tenet" in the movie theaters when they reopen or is August 12th too soon comment below about "Tenet movie plot" and for now that's our take we'll see you next time.

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